MBBR - IFAS Biocarriers

MBBR is not plastic! it's a Process!

ENYA Engineering and Mutag Multi Umwelttechnologie AG work with you and offer technical support, MBBR and IFAS system sizing, plant start-up and commissioning, adjustments and optimization of biological processes.

The MBBR (Moving Bed BioReactor) treatment method as well as the IFAS (Integrated Fixed film Activated sludge System) method is a proven and effective treatment method, with many applications and facilities, all over the world. It is often characterized in scientific articles as the sophisticated combination of the advantages of activated suspended sludge and attached biomass.

Unlike most attached biomass bioreactors (biofilm bioreactors) the MBBR and IFAS method uses the entire volume of the tank – bioreactor, just like in activated sludge systems. The difference between MBBR and IFAS is that the former does not require sludge recirculation while the latter requires a secondary activated sludge sedimentation stage and its recirculation (just like in conventional activated sludge systems.).