The Company


ENYA Engineering & Co L.P Company is an engineering and technical supplies firm specialized in the Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Environmental Hydraulic Works and the Supply and Installation of Technical Equipment.

The company provides design and engineering services and, supplies selected technical equipment, in the following fields:

  • Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Process Water Treatment for the industry
  • Construction of Environmental Hydraulic Works
  • Water Harvesting and Reuse

Since its establishment in 2002, the company's main strategy has been to specialize in small and medium-scale applications. Based on this strategy, ENYA Engineering is a leading company in Greece with a strong know-how in the integrated treatment of wastewater for facilities with a capacity of 5 to 3000 p.e.

The company has numerous and important clients such as production industries and enterprises, contractors, hotel and tourist enterprises, municipalities and communities, private houses and residential estates.

Principles - Philosophy

Our vision

To be acknowledged by our company as, our partners and the market as the company that has a deep knowledge of the Wastewater engineering and offers value-for- money high quality services and technical equipment.

Our mission

To plan and build technical projects with high environmental performance and the lowest possible long-term operational cost. To provide reliable, efficient and cutting-edge products satisfying the needs they are meant to meet.

Our objective

To go beyond the expectations of each client for the project or the product we deliver. To strive to get better all the time and ensure that every new project is better than the previous ones.

To become and remain our clients first choice for the integrated treatment of wastewater, water recovery and reuse, saving water resources and energy and environmental protection.

Our principles and values

To respect our agreements and commitments, to show integrity, honesty, confidence, professionalism and ethical attitude in order to satisfy our clients and establish long-term cooperation. Sustainable development and the operation of the company are based on the satisfaction and the benefit of our clients.

Int. Partners


Based on our know-how, ethics and infrastructure, since 2003, we have been working with top European firms with a long-standing experience worldwide, through Imports, Distribution and Technical Assistance of their products.

We offer modern high-quality and practical products of international recognition, combining high efficiency and low final cost for the client.

SFA Enviro France: Includes a portfolio of leading companies, focused on the aeration sector such as Europelec France and Aquaturbo Belgium. Specializing in the manufacture of equipment for urban and industrial wastewater treatment. With a strong presence in international markets, SFA Enviro can supply a full range of equipment for wastewater treatment plants – from pretreatment to sludge management, including the infrastructure elements inherent to these activities.

ΑSIO s.r.o. Czech Republic: With a long successful presence in the Czech and European market and exports in 15 countries, the ASIO group offers a wide range of hydraulic works and especially wastewater treatment technical equipment. Most of the ASIO products are made of plastic polypropylene (PP) and are delivered as ready to install and use compact units.

ATB GmbH Germany: The company was the first one to introduce, in 1989, the SBR method in small plants and ever since has played a leading role in this field. With total sales of over 100,000 units in the period 2000-2020, AQUA-max® is the most widespread compact SBR wastewater biological cleaning system in Europe.

APLAST sro Slovenia: APLAST is a top quality manufacture for plastic tanks, oil separators and grease traps, made out of polyethylene (PE).